Wedding Anniversaries Names and Gifts by Year

Check out our comprehensive list of wedding anniversaries and anniversary names from the 1st to the 90th. Select the one that’s the next marriage year for you – or your parents, grandparents or friends – and gain some wonderfully creative inspiration. Including how best to celebrate this special day… and traditional, modern and quirky gifts you can buy.

Our helpful guides are designed to give you plenty of anniversary gift ideas, plus novel and sometimes truly unique ways to celebrate the day.  We cater for all tastes and budgets, covering both classic and contemporary interpretations of each anniversary.

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1st Wedding Anniversary

Congratulations on your 1st wedding anniversary. You might very well be thinking to yourself, where did that time go? It only seemed like yesterday you were making a commitment to spend the rest of your life… read more

2nd Wedding Anniversary

The celebration of your 2nd wedding anniversary is popularly known as the Cotton Anniversary. Like the interwoven fibres of cotton, the second year of marriage brings a couple closer together as their… read more

3rd Wedding Anniversary

Also known as the Leather Anniversary, your 3rd wedding anniversary is all about durable, warm, strong and flexible qualities that highlight stability in a relationship. The 3rd wedding anniversary is… read more

4th Wedding Anniversary

A 4th wedding anniversary is popularly known as the Fruit and Flowers Anniversary, representing a couple’s blossoming partnership. To mark this fourth year of marriage, flowers are… read more

5th Wedding Anniversary

Can you believe that the two of you are now celebrating your 5th wedding anniversary and have been married for half a decade? How quickly time goes by – at least for many couples… read more

6th Wedding Anniversary

Celebrating your 6th wedding anniversary is a perfect time to rekindle the flames of love and passion that brought the two of you together in the first place. Sugar is a theme you can use… read more

7th Wedding Anniversary

The key symbols representing your 7th wedding anniversary are copper and wool – both known for producing heat. Highlighting warmth, comfort, safety and security, these elements are… read more

8th Wedding Anniversary

Celebrating an 8th wedding anniversary is another opportunity to commemorate your wedding vows in style. Finding the right gift that shows your partner… read more

9th Wedding Anniversary

Can you believe that the two of you have shared almost a decade of marriage together? Ample reason (if one were needed) to make sure you find a meaningful, exceptional and personal anniversary gift for your loved one… read more

10th Wedding Anniversary

This is the first seriously epic milestone of your married lives: the 10th wedding anniversary. Popularly known as the Tin Anniversary, it marks 10 years since you shared your wedding vows – an initial decade… read more

11th Wedding Anniversary

After the excitement last year of celebrating your first decade of happy marriage, renewed congratulations for your 11th wedding anniversary. The steely resolve of your shared lives is highlighted during this year’s celebration… read more

12th Wedding Anniversary

The journey to your 12th wedding anniversary has no doubt been eventful – in a positive way, of course. Hopefully, you have been able to sail on smooth waters, although some couples will have encountered… read more

13th Wedding Anniversary

Ignore superstitions and urban legends when you celebrate your 13th wedding anniversary, also popularly known as the Lace Anniversary. For many, the number 13 is associated with…read more

14th Wedding Anniversary

Ivory is a wonderfully appropriate traditional symbol for your 14th wedding anniversary – albeit with an important caveat when it comes to buying gifts. Rare and beautiful… read more

15th Wedding Anniversary

The years are starting to add up in quite impressive fashion as you celebrate your 15th wedding anniversary. Clearly, your lives together are bringing you enduring joy, love and… read more

16th Wedding Anniversary

As there is no traditional gift or symbol associated with the 16th wedding anniversary in the United Kingdom or United States, there is no official “popular” name for this year’s celebration… read more

17th Wedding Anniversary

Seventeen years married… As you celebrate your 17th wedding anniversary, are you feeling like a teenager again? Well, just a little. Looking back at what it means for many to be 17, the most… read more

18th Wedding Anniversary

Eighteen… the age when grown-up children frequently leave home to study and many parents are once again on their own. Perhaps this is the case as you celebrate your 18th wedding anniversary… read more

19th Wedding Anniversary

Your 19th wedding anniversary is popularly known as the Bronze Anniversary, symbolising a tougher, resilient and more durable relationship after nearly two decades together… read more

20th Wedding Anniversary

For many, this 20th wedding anniversary is most likely the first to be celebrated with your children, other family members and close friends. So congratulations on this amazing personal… read more

21st Wedding Anniversary

Last year you reached the significant milestone of being married for 20 years and celebrating your China Anniversary. That certainly doesn’t mean, however, that this year’s 21st anniversary should feel anything like an anti-climax… read more

22nd Wedding Anniversary

Your 22nd wedding anniversary might not seem particularly special – if only considering its numerical significance. However, every year of a successful marriage deserves to be recognised in style… read more

23rd Wedding Anniversary

Your 23rd wedding anniversary is represented by diverse symbols that give the celebrations a sparkling significance. Silver plate is both a traditional and a modern gift… read more

24th Wedding Anniversary

Music is in the air if you are celebrating your 24th wedding anniversary. Popularly known as the Musical Instrument Anniversary, this is the year when the soothing – and often romantic… read more

25th Wedding Anniversary

Your 25th wedding anniversary is a momentous and joyous celebration. After a quarter-century together, your relationship is a shining example of love and commitment – so an especially effusive congratulations… read more

26th Wedding Anniversary

The 26th wedding anniversary is often a time when couples start to reframe their lives. After the festive jubilation of the previous year’s silver milestone, the focus returns to everyday aspects of married life and… read more

27th Wedding Anniversary

There are no traditional symbols commemorating the 27th wedding anniversary – but that is no reason to be deterred. Twenty-seven years is an impressively long time to be married, and fully justifies… read more

28th Wedding Anniversary

The 28th wedding anniversary is frequently a year of major adjustment. As you celebrate 28 years of marriage, this is a wonderful moment to reflect on how far the two of you have journeyed together… read more

29th Wedding Anniversary

You might still be 12 months short of another major marriage milestone, but celebrating your 29th wedding anniversary is just as important as any other. The numbers tell it all… read more

30th Wedding Anniversary

It has a wonderful ring to it: 30th wedding anniversary. A magnificent moment for any married couple achieving such a remarkable milestone. Also referred to as the Pearl Anniversary… read more

31st Wedding Anniversary

For many couples it will be hard to top last year’s milestone anniversary, but every new year you celebrate married life with your partner is just as precious. And timeless… so this is the perfect occasion… read more

32nd Wedding Anniversary

Each year of marriage brings wonderful new memories, all of which (for many couples) can be enjoyed with an expanding family after 32 years together. Even though there are no traditional… read more

33rd Wedding Anniversary

There is so much more to your 33rd wedding anniversary than might seem to be apparent at first. It is, for starters, considered a year of wisdom, philosophy and reflection… read more

34th Wedding Anniversary

The 34th wedding anniversary gift is almost completely left to your imagination, as there are no classic symbols associated with this year. There is, however, one special item that has become… read more

35th Wedding Anniversary

You might be sensing something mystical as you celebrate your 35th wedding anniversary. Throughout history, various cultures have associated coral with sacred and magical properties. And as recently as the 20th century… read more

36th Wedding Anniversary

As you celebrate your 36th wedding anniversary, there are no traditional items to symbolise another wonderful year of married life together. However, you could opt for a modern-day equivalent that is… read more

37th Wedding Anniversary

When you were married 37 years ago, could you have imagined you would be celebrating this wedding anniversary together? For many couples, probably not… the 37th wedding anniversary is another exceptional… read more

38th Wedding Anniversary

Celebrating the 38th anniversary of your wedding day is just as special today as it was all of those years ago. So, after 38 years of married life, you should really push the boat out and buy something truly wonderful… read more

39th Wedding Anniversary

Just 12 months to another tremendous marriage milestone. In the meantime, however, the countdown continues… on your 39th wedding anniversary you would have been married for 14,235 days… read more

40th Wedding Anniversary

Words can barely pay sufficient tribute to the incredible milestone of celebrating a 40th wedding anniversary. Well, perhaps one… as this is popularly known as the Ruby Anniversary. The ruby symbolises love… read more

41st Wedding Anniversary

After the excitement of your Ruby Anniversary, the celebrations will probably be a little more subdued this year. Nevertheless, 41 years together is still incredibly special, so well worth celebrating with a… read more

42nd Wedding Anniversary

Bearing in mind that the 42nd wedding anniversary is not traditionally represented by any symbols, gemstones or flowers, how about celebrating this year with a modern-day gift… read more

43rd Wedding Anniversary

As you celebrate your 43rd wedding anniversary, there is one special modern theme associated with this year: travel. You could revisit your favourite holiday destinations, or perhaps places you might be contemplating… read more

44th Wedding Anniversary

Your 44th wedding anniversary marks many wonderful years together and a flood of poignant memories recalling your special wedding day. This definitely calls for a celebration, even though you might already be thinking about… read more

45th Wedding Anniversary

This 45th wedding anniversary is one we are especially delighted to share with celebrating couples. You are now halfway along the journey to all 90 of our wedding anniversary gift showcases. Depending on your age… read more

46th Wedding Anniversary

As you celebrate your 46th wedding anniversary, this is the perfect year to indulge your literary creativity. Many anniversaries have traditional gemstones or precious metals associated with them to provide inspiration… read more

47th Wedding Anniversary

Some people believe that numbers have a language of their own, an interesting thought to contemplate as you celebrate your 47th wedding anniversary. The number 47 translates to playful, and it is more than likely… read more

48th Wedding Anniversary

You will no doubt want to celebrate your 48th wedding anniversary with a sumptuous dinner and a bottle of fine wine – quite possibly your 35,000th-plus meal together. Well, at least theoretically if you… read more

49th Wedding Anniversary

Just one more year to what is, for many couples, the mother of all anniversary milestones. In the meantime… congratulations on your 49th wedding anniversary. With the passing of the years… read more

50th Wedding Anniversary

The 50th golden wedding anniversary is one of the most venerable milestones in married life. And rightly so, as it is a rare celebration for any couple. Appropriately, the 50th wedding anniversary symbol is gold… read more

51st Wedding Anniversary

After last year’s momentous celebration of five decades of married life, it might be a little difficult to come up with another special gift to mark your 51st wedding anniversary. As always, however, we are here to help… read more

52nd Wedding Anniversary

You can’t claim to be newlyweds any more, but there are still many good reasons to celebrate your 52nd wedding anniversary in style. Fifty-two of them, at least… This celebratory year is marked, in these modern times… read more

53rd Wedding Anniversary

Congratulations are once again richly deserved this year, as you celebrate 53 years of commitment and building a beautiful life together. There is no traditional name or symbol for the… read more

54th Wedding Anniversary

Looking for something a little different to celebrate your 54th wedding anniversary? In recent years, glass has become a modern gift symbol for couples seeking fresh inspiration after 54 years of married life… read more

55th Wedding Anniversary

The 55th wedding anniversary might not have a traditional symbolic name in marriage folklore, but it is identified with a stunning gift theme. For many couples, this is known as the “Emerald Anniversary”… read more

56th Wedding Anniversary

Warm congratulations for another memorable celebration – your 56th wedding anniversary. Like other couples who have spent such an impressively long time married… read more

57th Wedding Anniversary

The 57th wedding anniversary might not be identified with any traditional symbolic gifts, but an excellent modern alternative is glass or a mirror. After a couple have been being married… read more

58th Wedding Anniversary

If your parents are celebrating their 58th wedding anniversary, it is useful to note that an appropriate gift should ideally fit into two categories: customised and something they can… read more

59th Wedding Anniversary

By now the question has probably been asked many times. And no doubt it will be repeated several times more as you celebrate your 59th wedding anniversary… read more

60th Wedding Anniversary

The sparkling milestone of your 60th wedding anniversary is appropriately known as the Diamond Anniversary. Diamonds are precious, impregnable and enduring – qualities that… read more

61st Wedding Anniversary

The years have flown by since you exchanged your vows – more than six decades of wonderful memories shared with your spouse as you celebrate your 61st wedding anniversary… read more

62nd Wedding Anniversary

This year, as you celebrate your 62nd wedding anniversary, the children will have grown up and you are now probably proud and loving grandparents as well. Looking back… read more

63rd Wedding Anniversary

Family and friends helping you celebrate your 63rd wedding anniversary this year will no doubt be curious how it all began. Was your love inspired by the literary likes of Romeo and Juliet… read more

64th Wedding Anniversary

The 64th wedding anniversary is not traditionally associated with any symbols, flowers or gemstones. So how about setting a new trend focused on the sun? The colour yellow… read more

65th Wedding Anniversary

The gemstone traditionally associated with 65th wedding anniversary celebrations could hardly be more appropriate. The blue sapphire is symbolic of loyalty, and is also… read more

66th Wedding Anniversary

This year, as you celebrate your 66th wedding anniversary, you will most likely be so in tune with your spouse that it almost feels like you are telepathically linked… read more

67th Wedding Anniversary

Like the roots of a hardy and verdant tree, your married bond remains strong and deep as you celebrate your 67th wedding anniversary. Appropriately, the gemstone… read more

68th Wedding Anniversary

As family and friends congratulate you on reaching your 68th wedding anniversary, you will be able to share distant memories of a vastly different era, albeit one… read more

69th Wedding Anniversary

Your seventh decade of marriage might be imminent, but this 69th wedding anniversary is still an important date to be treasured. Plans for a massive celebration… read more

70th Wedding Anniversary

Mere superlatives seem barely sufficient as you celebrate the remarkable milestone of your 70th wedding anniversary. You are in exalted company, among an exclusive – and quite rare… read more

71st Wedding Anniversary

It will probably be difficult to top last year’s Platinum Anniversary celebrations. After seven decades together, however, every year represents another rare event that is… read more

72nd Wedding Anniversary

It will seem to many onlookers that a couple celebrating their 72nd wedding anniversary have a special secret. If you ask the couple themselves, however, they will invariably… read more

73rd Wedding Anniversary

If you know a couple who are celebrating their 73rd wedding anniversary, you are privileged indeed. They are two very special people who will have witnessed… read more

74th Wedding Anniversary

Tales over the years of couples celebrating their 74th wedding anniversary have included some incredible shared moments. Like one couple… read more

75th Wedding Anniversary

It is now 15 years since you celebrated your Diamond Anniversary, and time once again to showcase that precious gemstone. On this occasion, your 75th wedding anniversary… read more

76th Wedding Anniversary

Your 76th wedding anniversary might not be traditionally associated with any flower or gemstone symbols, but it does have one other magical link with the cosmos… read more

77th Wedding Anniversary

At this stage of a couple’s married life, celebrating any new wedding anniversary becomes just as richly cherished as the glittering golden, diamond and platinum… read more

78th Wedding Anniversary

Couples celebrating their 78th wedding anniversary would have began their married life when home comforts were essentially about warmth, security and togetherness… read more

79th Wedding Anniversary

When a couple reach their 79th wedding anniversary, it is abundantly clear that their love has withstood a remarkable test of time. The era when they married was one of swing ensembles… read more

80th Wedding Anniversary

How truly amazing is this! Celebrating an 80th wedding anniversary is the phenomenal pinnacle of any marriage – at least until next year. Symbolised by oak… read more

81st Wedding Anniversary

This 81st wedding anniversary celebration is the kind of “good news” that richly deserves national coverage in honour of the happy couple. Anyone reading their story can only be amazed… read more

82nd Wedding Anniversary

You have now been married for an amazing 82 years. Congratulations… you are members of an exclusive wedding anniversary club, whose members have spent more than eight decades… read more

83rd Wedding Anniversary

As you celebrate your 83rd wedding anniversary, you can be proud that you are members of an extremely elite club. In addition to sharing a magnificent milestone… read more

84th Wedding Anniversary

By now, each year you celebrate your wedding anniversary is like adding another rare gemstone to an already glittering jewellery piece. And clearly, this significant new… read more

85th Wedding Anniversary

This 85th wedding anniversary is so gloriously rare that it deserves an especially affectionate toast, to the couple’s long lives and loving devotion. Fortunately, if you have family… read more

86th Wedding Anniversary

If you know someone celebrating their 86th wedding anniversary, you will be fully aware of how truly special they are and what an extraordinary accomplishment this is… read more

87th Wedding Anniversary

When it comes to withstanding the test of time, it would be hard to beat a couple celebrating their 87th wedding anniversary. This is a remarkable feat, not only for… read more

88th Wedding Anniversary

The vast majority of us would find it difficult to fully understand what it is like to celebrate an 88th wedding anniversary. But we can appreciate how fantastic this achievement is… read more

89th Wedding Anniversary

Thoughts will now be focused partly on next year, but in the meantime there is another incredible milestone to celebrate. Can you believe that this amazing couple… read more

90th Wedding Anniversary

You are now in truly exalted company as you celebrate your 90th wedding anniversary. So how rare is this celebratory event? According to Wikipedia, the longest marriage recorded… read more