Justin Aldridge – Founder

My name is Justin Aldridge and I’ve been building and marketing websites since 2003. I have always focused on creating resources that provide great advice for people in all sorts of industries, from mortgages to anniversary gifts.

My first big web project was Eye on Spain, a portal for overseas buyers of property in Spain. This grew very rapidly and helped thousands of property buyers to access the best information about buying in Spain and all of the pros and cons.

I sold this after a few years to hand it over to someone else that had the capacity to grow it further.

I have since been involved in multiple projects and am always looking to build new, helpful and engaging online resources where I feel I can add something of value.

If you would like to connect with me you can find me on Twitter and LinkedIn and my personal blog which I promise to update soon! You can read more about me too in this interview I did many years ago!

I hope you enjoy My Wedding Anniversary. We have spent so much time over the years building it into a really helpful resources to help you find the perfect anniversary gift for your partner.

Happy Anniversary!