Sentimental Gifts For Milestone Wedding Anniversaries

Sentimental Gifts For Milestone Wedding Anniversaries
Sentimental Gifts For Milestone Wedding Anniversaries

Sentimental gifts that commemorate the cherished memories and milestones of a relationship are often the most appreciated presents for wedding anniversaries. There are many thoughtful gift ideas that can make long-married couples feel loved and remembered on their anniversary. In an era of mass-produced, impersonal presents, a sentimental gift shows a level of thoughtfulness, care and affection that will resonate so much more deeply. If you’re looking for inspiration on what to get that special someone in your life, here are a few thoughtful ideas that make the perfect anniversary gift. 


One of the most symbolic and memorable gifts for a milestone anniversary is to plant a tree together. Choosing a sapling and planting it as a couple can be a lovely bonding experience that represents the roots you’ve put down over the years. The tree then becomes a living monument to the anniversary, growing taller and stronger each year, just like the marriage itself.

For those celebrating 25 years or more together, choosing a tree that lives for decades and even centuries is a meaningful choice. An oak or redwood sapling, for example, can stand for 500 years or more, serving as a living reminder for future generations of the couple’s long and happy marriage. The spot where you plant the tree can also be significant, whether in the garden of the family home or a favourite location you share memories of over the years. A tree as an anniversary gift is a simple but incredibly symbolic gesture, and makes a lovely, meaningful gift. 


Jewellery is a classic gift for wedding anniversaries, and with good reason. A necklace, ring or bracelet engraved with the number of years married, initials or your wedding date are intimate gifts that your wife or partner can cherish for years to come. For milestone anniversaries like your silver or golden wedding, jewellery containing gemstones or metals that represent that year are traditional gifts that take on added meaning.

For him, cufflinks are a stylish but personal gift. Gold or sterling silver cufflinks engraved with special details of your wedding date, names or messages will make a dapper but romantic gift. Each time they’re worn, they will serve as a reminder of you and your years together. Cufflinks are ideal for men who wear shirts and suits regularly for work or formal occasions, but for any man they make a timeless gift that can be kept and worn for many anniversaries to come.

An especially memorable jewellery gift for a couple celebrating several decades of marriage are matching bracelets, necklaces or rings with charms representing each 5 or 10 years married. The jewellery may start bare but it will soon fill up over the years with precious metal charms engraved with memories and messages to one another, creating an evolving story of the marriage.

Buy wine from the year you were married


For wine-loving couples, a bottle of wine or champagne from the same year you were married is an unexpected gift, and each sip can stir memories of the year you walked down the aisle together. Tracking down a bottle from your wedding year may require some detective work, especially if you are celebrating decades of marriage, but specialist wine merchants can help you find a vintage that will have lasted well and matured into something truly memorable. A bottle of Bordeaux, vintage port or champagne are gifts guaranteed to stand the test of time and age beautifully. 

For wine novices it may also be worth researching the characteristics of wines from the year you married, to choose one you will enjoy drinking. A wine from your wedding year is one of the most symbolic and romantic gifts of all for wine-loving spouses. Unlike jewellery or other material gifts, it is something to be savoured and shared, allowing for quality time together on your anniversary to raise a glass to your marriage. 


Having a bespoke vinyl record made with the special song from the first dance at your wedding is a truly magical way to preserve and cherish those unforgettable moments. The personalised touch of a bespoke record allows you to select every detail, from the exquisite artwork adorning the cover to the choice of vinyl colour and, of course, the song, creating a timeless treasure that symbolises your wedding day. 

With each play of the record, you’ll be reminded of the vows you exchanged, the laughter shared, and the dance that began your marriage together. A custom vinyl record becomes a cherished heirloom that can be passed on throughout the generations and is a tangible reminder of your special day. For anniversaries to come, you can pop the record on and relive those special memories all over again. 

Make a scrapbook of treasured memories


Not all sentimental gifts need to be store-bought. Creating a scrapbook filled with memories of your marriage thus far is a heartfelt and nostalgic anniversary gift that encapsulates the journey you and your partner have embarked on together. With each page carefully curated, this personalised compilation becomes a visual reminder of cherished moments, milestones and shared experiences. 

You can include a range of mementos, from photographs capturing smiles to handwritten notes expressing love and appreciation or receipts and tickets from events you’ve attended together, every element within the scrapbook tells a unique story. This unique anniversary gift serves as a precious keepsake, a celebration of your commitment and a symbol of the beautiful memories yet to come. 

Reaching a milestone anniversary is an accomplishment that’s well worth celebrating, and these gifts are the perfect way to show your partner that you care. Whether you want to make something yourself for the personal touch or you want to gift them a lavish present that they’ll treasure for a lifetime, these gift ideas are sentimental, thoughtful and guaranteed to bring a smile to the recipient’s face. 


This page has been written by Justin Aldridge. Justin is passionate about helping couples to make their anniversary as special as possible. Justin enjoys being creative and coming up with different and inspiring ideas for couples to celebrate their anniversary in style each year.

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